What is DET

Data Engineer Things (DET), founded by Xinran Waibel, a global online data engineering community for data professionals to connect and learn.

Why join DET

The DET community provides many learning and networking resources for data engineers:

  • Our Slack group has over 5K active members! It’s a welcoming place for everyone to ask questions, disscuss data engineering topics, and make meaningful connections with other data professionals. Our community-exclusive programs includes:
  • We host online webinars every month! We invite domain experts in the data engineering space to educate the community.
  • DET is also an online publication on Medium where data engineers share insights and expertise in writing.
  • Follow us on LinkedIn (20K followers)!

Join us to grow and learn together with the data engineering community!

Our Partners

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How DET started


“It was 2017. I was a junior in college. I loved working with RDBMS and SQL during my internship. I wanted to become a data engineer. But I didn’t know how.

There weren’t many books or online resources about data engineering. I didn’t know data engineers who I could talk to. I felt alone and lost.

I was lucky enough to find a mentor, Donald Sawyer, who showed me the way of data engineering and helped me navigate my career. But I know few got a mentorship like this.

Today, I see more and more people want to build a career in data engineering and many are just as lost as I was. And I know that feeling so well.

That’s why I started Data Engineering Things! I want us to have a community where we feel safe to say “I don’t know”, ask questions, and learn from each other.

– By Xinran Waibel